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When we search something from our phone or TV by saying hello google or yeh siri, it is called voice search content. For this we have to make our content mobile friendly voice content.

The first step for this would be that you use amp in your website. Because more voice search is done from mobile itself. and amp is used for mobile only.

For this you have to use long tail keywords in your content. Because people ask most of the questions in voice search.

You can use a free tool for voice search keywords https://answerthepublic.com/

In this tool you have to enter only your topic and you will get many topics realted from that topic. Which are frequently asked by the people.

You make subheadings of these topics and write about them.

You can use google translater to use natural language. If you say anything by pressing the microphone button in it, then everything that you say will be written automatically here.

After writing the article, think about what questions the user can ask after reading your article. Make a list of all those questions.

You have to use feature snippet, for that you have to use schema.

The loading speed has to be improved.

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