Event Blogging introduction | Benefits of Event Blogging

11.2 _If we write a blog on an event then it is called event blog. In this, we create a wishing website on a particular event.

One problem with this type of blogging is that it runs only on the event.

If you run a normal website, more traffic comes to the event website than that.

These websites have event scripts, these websites get traffic of millions.

When the event comes on these websites, the traffic increases a lot. But you have to make these websites before the event. By the time the event arrives, it will be completely indexed.

And a little bit of traffic will also start coming.

There are also some topics in event blogging which are evergreen. Which is always on the go.

for example

good morning, happy birthday. We can also call this evergreen wishing content.

When a new event comes, you can also do event blogging on that event.

If you want to make income from adsense then wordpress will be right for you.

Even in event blogging, we have to do seo. We have to use long tail keywords in them because long tail keywords rank quickly.

If you are doing event blogging then you have to create a separate page for images, and videos by definition.

Old websites never rank in event blogging, for this we have to give the latest updates. Only then our event website ranks.

For this we will use script which we can also share. Whoever shares this further, his name will be visible to the next one.

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