All about micro Blogging – Pro tips

11.1 _First of all, let us see a short definition, what is micro blogging and macro blogging?

sports = macro blogging

cricket = micro blogging

ipl cricket = core micro blogging

You should always choose micro niche only. If a website has blogs on the same topic, then that website gets a higher ranking. Google ranks the specific blog more. You can create different websites on micro niche. But you have to do different seo on all the websites.

All websites will have to be submitted to google search console. Sitemap has to be created. The schema has to be created. On page, off page seo will have to be done. Web 2.0, 3.0 backlinks, you will have to do all these things for different websites.

When all your micro niches are created then you make a website on a macro niche and interlinking all the micro niche websites with the macro niche website.

other one more example

movies = macro niche

hindi movies =micro niche

tamil movies = micro niche

In this process micro website has to be created first and micro niche website has to be created later. This process is called blog chain. If you use this process, then your ranking will keep increasing continuously.

If even one website is run in this chain, then other websites also rank. But all the basics which we have learned in every website have to be used.

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